About Me

Rachelle Williams SmilingHello, my name is Rachelle Williams, and I’m the author of EmpowerTek.  I created EmpowerTek, because I’m a tech geek, who’s passionate about utilizing technology for life enhancement.

I love just about all things tech, but I’m almost evangelical about the ability of the World Wide Web to be used as both a tool for learning and a method for projecting our identities onto the world.

I wish I had a hundred more years on Earth to see how much farther Internet technology will advance human communication; but for now, I’ll utilize EmpowerTek as a vehicle to share some of the amazing content I discover across the Web.

On a “getting to know me” level, I’m a neurodivergent internaut, and a proud member of Generation X.  I love photography, dystopian sci-fi, reading all manner of things on my Kindle Paperwhite,  competing with my friends on Fitbit, eating spicy food, and spending time with my crazy family!

Thanks for choosing to hang out with me here at EmpowerTek, I’m glad you’re here!